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Aobosi Wine refridgerator Refrigerator by signifies of 30 Bottles two times Zones,Classy Look, Stainless metallic two product decanter or glass Door,and LED monitor | Thermostatic Wine Refrigerator for Red and White Wine, Champagne

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>>> Aobosi Wine wintry Refrigerator <<<

Aobosi Wine wintry Refrigerator

Feature :

  • Exquisite Design---With Seamless Stainless metallic Frame and grow Tempered wine glass Door, the wine colder grow zone looks classy and fashion,making it totally coordinate any home décor,club,cafe or restaurants.The sleek structure will be a very superior addition and focal position located by any occasion.
  • Quiet Operation---Built-in professional & robust compressor,the freestanding or built-in wine refrigerator runs quietly by indicates of a low functioning seem of 42 dB and vitality saving.

    Low vibration without the need of having disturbing the wine sediments.This assists to grip the taste and maturation of your wine.
  • Dual Cooling Zones---You can customize the temperature by touching the influence panel by indicates of builtt-in LED display.

    The two zones characteristic defferent temperature so that your wine is totally chilled located by their optimal temperatures for pure enjoyment.
  • 30 Bottles Capacity---The dual-zone wine colder can shop up to 30 bottles of your beloved wine.When accommodating larger bottles,this will cut downwards the stated jar capacity.It is a virtually all suitable companion for wine lovers to shop certain or numerous wine.
  • Smooth Sliding Beech Wood Shelves---Utilizing leading-edge technique,the shelves are nice looking as superior as are protected from moisture and peculiar smell.

    They are seem ample to grip your bottles without the need of having scratches.Individually Removable.

Details :

The Aobosi 30-Bottle Wine wintry is a combined zone wine refrigerator having the help of a handy and chic pattern and design to showcase your popular wines.The fashion wine refrigerator will be in the right technique coordinate up having property décor, club or is a fantastic companion for the avid wine collector to store different wine al the same time.With a capacity of 30 bottles, the combined cooling zones allow you to maintain on each man or woman red and white wines al optimal temperatures for pure enjoyment.

Highlights of Wine wintry Refrigerator:
-Child essentia Lock
The combined zone wine cellar also features a boy or girl essentia lock, avoiding the cold air leaking when the door is opened frequently by kids or others.This will alter the chemical makeup of your wine and have an effect on its taste and maturation.
-Powerful Compressor System
boasting having the help of stable function and substantial quality,our compressor reaches the set cooling temperature a lot alot more quickly than others under the same condition.Energy saving!
-Digital Control
boasting superior regulate panel, you can set the temperature for each man or woman zones by casually impression the button.

having the help of blue light, your collections will be displayed having the help of stylishness.

-Stainless material & twin goblet Door
The door having the help of unique pattern and design protects your wine or drinks from UV rays and harmful lights which have an effect on the taste of your wine.It also ensures crysta present of your collection.

The stainless material handle is 45 cm long, which provides you the seriously handy to open and close the door.

Technical Specs:
Voltage: 110-120V/60Hz
Power: 90W
-Item Dimension(in): 14.96" x 22.83" x 33.27"(W x D x H)
product Capacity: Up to 30 bottles
-Material: Stainless Steel
-Temperature Range: 40°F - 65°F
Temperature of Upper Zone: 40-55°F
Temperature of Lower Zone:55-65°F
regulate Type: impression Sensitive
One-Year Warranty
Stated capacity dependent on the size and shape of standard Bordeaux bottle.

Wine wintry Refrigerator:
-Child safety Lock
The two times Zone Wine Cellar Also Features A child safety Lock, Avoiding The Cold Air Leaking When The Door Is Opened Frequently By youngsters Or Others.This Will Alter The Chemical Makeup Of Your Wine And impact Its Taste And Maturation.
-Powerful Compressor System
showcasing having Stable genera And large Quality,our Compressor Reaches The Set Cooling Temperature sooner Than Others Under The Same Condition.Energy
-Digital Control
showcasing bright regulate Panel, You Can Set The Temperature For each of many Zones By slowly contact The Button.

having Blue Light, Your Collections Will Be Displayed having Stylishness.

-Stainless metallic & twice glass Door
The Door having Unique pattern and design Protects Your Wine Or Drinks From UV Rays And Harmful Lights Which impact The Taste Of Your Wine.It Also Ensures crysta indicate Of Your Collection.

The Stainless metallic Handle Is 45 Cm Long,
Which Provides You The particularly handy To Open And Close The Door.

Technical Specs:
Voltage: 110-120V/60Hz
Power: 90W
-Item Dimension(in): 14.96" X 22.83" X 33.27"(W X D X H)
product Capacity: Up To 30 Bottles
-Material: Stainless Steel
-Temperature Range: 40°F - 65°F
Temperature Of Upper Zone: 40-55°F
Temperature Of Lower Zone:55-65°F
regulate Type: contact Sensitive
One-Year Warranty
Stated Capacity Dependent On The Size And Shape Of Standard Bordeaux Bottle.