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CO-Z compact 70 Pint Dehumidifier Air Purifier garments Dryer combined with the help of Built-in Pump, Vehicle Mountable, Ultra-Quiet Motor, Mold Prevention, for Basements combined with the help of drainage Hose, Bathroom, Closet, RV, Vehicles

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>>> CO compact 70 Pint Dehumidifier <<<

CO compact 70 Pint Dehumidifier

Feature :

  • PURIFICATION & DEHUMIDIFICATION, created having purification and dehumidification function, this dehumidifier can purify indoor air or dehumidify your clothes.

    24-hour time preset together having LED lights computer computer screen for basic operation.
  • PANASONIC COMPRESSOR having terrific PERFORMANCE, 70 pints.

    per day (equivalent to 65 bottles of water) for enclosed space smaller than 753.4 sqft having 80% of humidity from 86ºF, much much more valuable outcomes attainable under lower temperatures, thanks to the Panasonic rotary vane compressor
  • IDEAL DEHUMIDIFIER TO dry up up CLOTHES, superb for use in smaller enclosed spaces (especially for getting dehydrated clothes), hang stormy (but non-dropping) clothing above our dehumidifier, leave them in a smaller enclosed space for ultimate getting dehydrated results, also superb for dehumidifying bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, sitting room, basement, and vehicles
  • 100% SECURITY & MASSIVE 5.3L liquid TANK, dependable fire retardant manufacturing (housing and central plastic parts) for extra safety, comes having a major transparent 34 oz.

    liquid tank for basic observation, auto stop and alarming functions attainable if the tank is al for extra security
  • WARRANTY, backed by a 1-year assurance from the manufacturer for worry-free shopping, free exchange if the item is defective

Details :

Humid air throughout your family home can cause a multitude of negative effects: mold, structural damage, respiratory illnesses and more.

This compact & electronic dehumidifier can help eliminate air moisture in your room.

Besides, this dehumidifier comes combined with the help of a extrenal ingesting liquid tank for hassle-free and very easy disposing of collected water.

Own one, you'll be the owner of health.

Test Environment: DB 30℃, RH 80%
Dehumidifying Capacity (86°F /80%):70 pint/D
Rated Current (86°F /80%):1.2A
Rated electric power (86°F /80%):460W
Working Area:≤753.4 sqft
Voltage/Frequency: 115V/60HZ
Noise(dB): ≤48
Water Tank Capacity: 11.2 pint.

Net Weight: 34.2 lb.

Body Size: 13.9 x 9.6 x 23.8 in.

Waterproof Level: IPX1

Package List:
1 x Dehumidifier
1 x Instruction

Can Help lower Air Moisture In Your Room.

Besides, This Dehumidifier Comes with the help of A extrenal liquid Tank For very easy Disposing Of Collected Water.

Own One, You'll Be The Owner Of Health.

Test Environment: DB 30℃, RH 80%
Dehumidifying Capacity (86°F /80%):70 Pint/D
Rated Current (86°F /80%):1.2A
Rated power (86°F /80%):460W
Area:≤753.4 Sqft
Voltage/Frequency: 115V/60HZ
Noise(dB): ≤48
Water Tank Capacity: 11.2 Pint.

Net Weight: 34.2 Lb.

Body Size: 13.9 X 9.6 X 23.8 In.

Waterproof Level: IPX1

Package List:
1 X Dehumidifier
1 X Instruction