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Eye-Vac EVPRO Tuxedo Black Touchless Stationary upright cleaner cleaner – 1400 Watts Professional upright cleaner cleaner coupled using HEPA Filtration, Bag-less Canister. Floor Care

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>>> Eye Vac EVPRO Tuxedo Black Touchless <<<

Eye Vac EVPRO Tuxedo Black Touchless

Warrantry :

1-year, ltd.

Feature :

  • Vacuum Cleaner Application: stationary cleaner cleaner is suitable for professional use together using hair salons, boutiques, hospitality, kitchens and minor businesses.

    clean-up system is proficient in grabbing pet hair, soil, dust from wooden floors, marble floors, or nylon flooring
  • Powerful cleaner clean-up Machine: cyclonic phase provides reliable operation.

    1400W engine using robust suction may make it potential for in 100% removal of dust, hair and debris instantly.

    Touch-less stationary cleaner is upgraded using inbuilt HEPA filtration would get clean-up of air and floors easier
  • Portable Vacuum: professional cleaner cleaner using 13"x7.5"x20.5" dimension.

    4.8 liters stage of bag-less canister provides sufficient space to collect dirt and debris.

    15.21 pounds of weight is lighter than nearly all professional cleaner cleaners
  • Automatic Professional Vacuum: touchless stationary cleaner is suitable for auto and information functions and does not require touching of debris or cleaner to operate.

    Red status indicator mild of this machine's lights when the canister is ready to be emptied
  • Easy to Use: Eye-Vac EVPRO cleaner is effortless to crysta and have and comes using bag-less canister for stress-free removal of dust.

    Remove canister and open the eyelid and drop all debris into the garbage

Details :

Now say goodbye to old, boring and laborious vacuuming techniques by using the Eye-Vac EVPRO Professional Touchless Stationary cleaner cleaner cleaner.

This cleaner cleaner cleaner is an programmed piece of equipment that goes using infrared sensors for programmed set of dirt, dust and hair within a short span of time.

This professional cleaner cleaner cleaner is planned for professional use as hair salons, boutiques, hospitality, kitchens and modest businesses.

The touchless stationary cleaner cleaner is enhanced by using inbuilt HEPA filtration and amazing suction for 100% removal of dust, dirt and debris.


This cleaner Cleaner Is An instant system That works Using Infrared Sensors For instant gallery Of Dirt,
Dust And Hair Within A Short Span Of Time.

This Professional cleaner Cleaner Is made For professional Use this includes Hair Salons,
Boutiques, Hospitality, Kitchens And minimal Businesses.

The Touchless Stationary cleaner Is complex using Inbuilt HEPA Filtration And impressive Suction For 100% Removal Of Dust, Dirt And Debris.