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HOOVER Linx rechargeable Stick piece of equipment Cleaner, BH50010

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>>> HOOVER Linx cord-less Stick carpet cleaner <<<

HOOVER Linx cord-less Stick Vacuum

Warrantry :

2 years.

Feature :

  • LINX cord-less Fade-Free Lithium-Ion Battery System - Interchangeable electric capability packs provide you with cord-less freedom to fresh up anywhere
  • WindTunnel solutions - Creates channels of suction to exercise and remove working floor debris and deeply embedded dirt
  • Extreme Recline Handle - Reaches under furniture for significantly better entry by using out having to move things around
  • Edge clean-up Bristles - Removes dirt, dust and pet hair up against the ones hard-to-reach edges
  • Fuel Gauge -Indicates remaining battery life.

    Refer user hands-on for troubleshooting steps.
  • Multi-Floor clean-up - Transitions from carpet to hard floors along by using ease
  • 2-Year restrained Warranty

Details :

Hoover Platinum series LiNX cord-less Stick Vacuum

Transform everyday maintanence using this sleek, versatile stick anxiety that generates upright performance* using Fade Free** Lithium-Ion battery power.

It’s the only stick anxiety using Hoover WindTunnel concept and cyclonic filtration.

Now you can clean-up with out having ever having to seek for an outlet.

Hoover brings additional than 100 years of powerfully designed, easy-to-use household cleaners to cover your floor to ceiling cleaning.


Powered Brushroll using WindTunnel Technology

Lift whole the mean downward dirt from carpet to hard floors.

Intuitive electrica Controls

Conveniently positioned where they should be—right for your fingertips.

Battery Fuel Gauge

Instantly see how much battery daily your life Linx has left.

Edge maintanence Bristles

Edge-to-edge maintanence gives you closer entry to walls and corners.

Wide maintanence Path

Cover additional floor area area and shorten maintanence time.

Bottom Release Dirt Cup

Get a hassle-free nice and fresh up with out having getting your hands dirty.


LINX cord-less Fade-Free** Lithium-Ion Battery System - interchangeable battery using charger.

Low Profile Base - accommodates under counter isn't stable and furniture

Extreme Recline Handle - arrive for far under furniture quite easily

2-year warranty

*On hard floors, per ASTM F2607; On carpet, per ASTM F2609

**Based on battery voltage


    Hoover Brings a lot more Than 100 Years Of Powerfully Designed, Easy-to-use Household Cleaners To Cover Your Floor To Ceiling Cleaning.


    Powered Brushroll by using WindTunnel Technology

    Lift formidable downward Dirt From Carpet To Hard Floors.

    Intuitive capability Controls

    Conveniently Positioned Where They Should Be—right for Your Fingertips.


    Battery Fuel Gauge

    Instantly See How Much Battery your life Linx Has Left.

    Edge cleaning Bristles

    Edge-to-edge cleaning Gives You Closer accessibility To Walls And Corners.

    Wide cleaning Path

    Cover a lot more floor Area And Shorten cleaning Time.

    Bottom Release Dirt Cup

    ">Get A Hassle-free fresh Up with out Getting Your Hands Dirty.


    LINX cord-less Fade-Free** Lithium-Ion Battery System - Interchangeable Battery by using Charger.

    Low Profile Base - matches Under Counter is bordered by And Furniture

    Extreme Recline Handle - attain Far Under Furniture easily

    2-year Warranty

    *On Hard Floors, Per ASTM F2607; On Carpet, Per ASTM F2609

    **Based On Battery Voltage

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