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The TankBooster is a thermostatic mixing valve installed on top of new or existing water heaters to increase the available hot water in the water heater’s tank, kill bacteria by increasing tank's temperature, while also preventing scalding by Cost effective solution to increase usable hot water

When the dryer exhaust has a long run to the vent it increases drying time as well as wear and tear on the dryer. The DryerJet has been tested on runs up to 50 feet of duct and up to four 90° bends. Testing was done by an independent lab at Florida No wiring necessary, just plug it in! Fully

Cash Acme Water Heater Tank Booster Pro Thermostatic Mixing Valve with Temperature Gauge, Corrugated Hose Cost effective solution to increase usable hot water in an existing tank or new high effeciency water heater. Deliver hot water at a safe temperature to all fixtures and prevent