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Enjoy easy home cooking with the aroma professional 12-Cup (cooked) digital rice and multicore with a ceramic inner pot. Restaurant-quality rice. Delicious one-pot dishes. Healthy soups and stews. Prepare all this and more at the touch of a button! Ceramic inner pot is stovetop-safe and offers an

Enjoy all your homemade dried favorites with the Aroma Food Dehydrator. Perfect for everyone from outdoor hobbyists to the health-conscious, this dehydrator is designed for efficient, even drying. Fruit leather. Trail Mix. Custom potpourri. Dried Large capacity to make healthy dried fruit,

AROMA Professional 12-cup Rice Cooker, Multicooker and Food Steamer makes cooking soft, fluffy rice with minimal effort. Cooking perfect rice with the moistness and texture that you would expect by a simple touch of a button and keeping rice warm Perfectly prepares 4 to 12 cups of any variety of

Why wait for 50 minutes if you can cook rice perfectly in 35? Aroma Turbo Rice Cooker uses Pressure technology to cook rice up to 70% faster than conventional cooking! Simply push a button and enjoy a feast of Beans, Meat, Poultry & Soup including Pressure technology cooks up to 70% faster than

Enjoy easy home cooking with the Aroma 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker & Food Steamer. Restaurant-quality rice. Healthy steamed meals. Delicious one-pot dishes. Prepare all this and more at the touch of a button! Aroma takes the "cook" out of home Capacity: yields up to 20-cup of cooked rice Steams meat