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Warranty 1 year limited warranty. Cadco hi power single hot plate with a high speed 8" tubular element and Robertshaw thermostat with infinite heat controls to attain desired temperature. 120 volts, 1500 watts. UL safety and sanitary/c-UL. 8-Inch high speed tubular element Robertshaw thermostat

Warranty 2 Years Parts Labor. Professional Single Cast Iron Range-Stainless 7 1/8" diameter heavy-duty cast iron element Solid element surface delivers heat evenly to pot or pan Handles up to 12-quart pots Infinite heat control keeps food simmering or boiling 120 volts-1500 watts

Warranty 1 year limited warranty. Cadco heavy duty cast iron hot plate with one 9" diameter element handles pots/pans up to 15 quarts. High tech thermostat offers sensitive heat control to keep food simmering or boiling. 220 volts and 2,000 watts. UL safety and sanitary/c-UL. 9-Inch diameter cast