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The No.38309 TP-210 TurboCat utilizes a horizontal turbine design to keep the profile of the tool at a minimum for cleaning under and around furnishings. The T-shape permits cleaning up close to the legs of tables and chars. It also has a soft wrap No Batteries or additional power needed; Runs off

Having a full 50 foot hose has been shown to be valuable for reaching the vehicle with enough hose left to service the car in cases where oversized garages with the vacuum or inlet valve has been placed up front in the garage. The safety orange Designed to utilize the central vacuum in your garage

The 93070 kit has a two position on off switch hose which creates a Circuit through the two low voltage electrical contacts in your inlet valve. You will see the wall end has a two metal contact Plates separated by a thin plastic landing. These Compatible with all major brands of central vacuum

The 99484 is an individually packed 30 Ft. (9M) low voltage hose and chrome Button Lock stub tube. The hose also features soft grip handle with N style (XS6) wall end. Our low voltage hoses are high quality, resulting in no kinks and great suction Compatible with major brands of central vac;