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Drinkmate is the first carbonation system in the world that will "Sparkle" almost every drink in your fridge: from apple cider, lemonade, tea, wine, flat beer and cocktails. It really gives the user plenty freedom. No wonder Today Show from NBC The Drinkmate is the ONLY carbonation beverage maker

For those shoppers who can find other sources of CO2 cylinders and refill channels and just want to have a better appliance, this is their best option. DrinkMate is an upgraded device with huge advantages over any other existing soda makers. • The DrinkMate is the ONLY carbonation beverage maker

The DrinkMate spritzer carbonates any beverage, anytime, anywhere you like. From the kitchen to the campground, the DrinkMate spritzer will make any drink you can think of really sparkle. Kit includes the DrinkMate spritzer gun, 1 BPA-free half CARBONATE ANYTHING: Unlike competitors, Drinkmate