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The EdenPURE® Classic Plus comes equipped with our advanced new technology, the Copper Helix far infrared commercial quarts tubes. The far IR tubes act like a battery with the layered copper helix wrap capturing and storing heat emitting from the EdenPURE Copper Helix commercial quartz tubes

Warranty Manufacturer warranty 1 year from date of purchase . The EdenPURE® GEN32 SuperBuddyTM can save you 33% to 66% or more on your heating bills than the old, big box, infrared heaters. It puts out powerful 500-1,000 watt heat. It heats the area all around you to be toasty warm so you don't

The EdenPURE 360 Air Fan uses 360 Degree circulation technology to move air at an astonishing 32.8 feet of airflow distance. That means it rapidly circulates the air in an entire room in just minutes and creates a constant cooling sensation without USES 98.18% LESS ENERGY THAN AN AIR