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Green Air Encore features a three-stage air filter system, along with IonCluster technology that will attack airborne microbes, purify your air, and aggressively kill bacteria. The certified True HEPA filter removes 99.97 pecent of particulates and Three-stage advanced purifier system with True

Our first 3 Plate system delivers unsurpassed results. Unclean air is first passed through the Pre-filter, HEPA filter, odor fighting filter, and finally the Photo Catalytic (PCO) filter. Only Green Air Deluxe features this quadruple air filter Coverage up to 3500 sq.ft., Comes with and uses up to

Unit now comes with and uses TWO purifier plates for twice the cleaning power of similar units! Working in conjunction with its triple washable filter system, the air purifier pulls in unclean air from the rear passing it through the Pre-filter, NOW COMES WITH AND USES TWO PURIFIER PLATES FOR TWICE

Working in conjunction with its carbon washable filter system, our air purifier pulls in unclean air from the rear, first passing through the carbon filter which removes airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. This filter also acts to deodorize UPGRADED CARBON FILTER, HIGHEST OZONE OUTPUT IN