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Warranty 1 Year Warranty. Purées & hot soup blending, ice crushing, nuts/coffee & meat grinding, smoothie making, batter and dough mixing, baby food preparing and all cooking creations. Just one piece of Aimores High Speed Professional Blender meets all your nutritional 100% PRECISION VARIABLE

Warranty 1 Year Warranty. Key Features Programmed Smart Settings Technology Aimores 998 can be programmed specifically for smoothies, juices, or ice creams, providing consistently smooth blending. 6 Speeds Programmed Setting for different drinks and food such as hot soups, 100% DIGITAL DISPLAY

Warranty 1 Year Warranty. Why Are Aimores 1250 Blenders Great for Smoothies? Aimores blenders have been differentiated from other competitors at being ideal for smoothies because of four factors: size of containers, power, structure design, and pre-programmed settings. The 100% LED DISPLAY

Warranty 1 Year Warranty. Aimores, a premium commercial blender provide you the best quality food which can stir directly access to the cell wall, release food antioxidants and retains the plant nutrition and essence trace elements.This high-powered kitchen tool with heating 【Aimores 831 Smoothie