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Warranty 1 Year. Are you looking for a easy to use inexpensive but dependable powerful deep cleaning vacuum?   Then consider the Prolux Tritan.   It has an amazing 107 CFM of power, Sealed HEPA filtration, On board tools, Adjustable Power Knob on vacuum allows PROLUX TRITAN -is a powerful deep

Warranty 2 years. The New Prolux Ion Bagless Battery Powered Stick Vac is the lightweight battery powered alternative for your cleaning needs! This highly compact, powerful, and easy to store vacuum frees you from the limitations of the standard corded vacuums. A The Prolux Ion is a high end

Warranty 10 Years. The New Prolux Central Vacuum is one of the best central vacuum systems made! The Prolux Central Vac system cleaners not only improve the value of your home but they also improves the health of your family my removing dirt and allergens from the air The Prolux CV12000 is

Heavy duty Prolux commercial canister vacuum with 50 foot industrial cord. The Prolux commercial canister comes with high quality cleaning attachments and only weighs 16 pounds. Lightweight design coupled with oversized wheels and rotating casters DURABILITY - Convenient carry handle,body and tools