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INTEY Hepa Air Purifier - 16-Inch property Air Cleaner along with the help of Auto-Off Timer/Ions Button for Allergy Season - Removes 99.97% Allergens, Dust, Pollen, Smoke, Pet Dander (220 sq.ft/30 m², CADR Rated 140+)

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>>> INTEY Hepa Air Purifier 16 Inch <<<

INTEY Hepa Air Purifier   16 Inch

Feature :

  • ★AIR PURIFIER FOR ALLERGY - CADR rated 140m3/hr, doubling the effectiveness of vacuuming than same specification products, gives a cleaner environment.

    Features having huge spectacular motor, and ion functions, gives a silent and satisfied vacuuming for your very good sleep.
  • ★ROME AIR PURIFIER FOR PETS - It removes 99.99% of allergens, dust, pollen, smoke, pet dander; filters particles as streamlined as 0.3 microns and larger and filters air pollution of PM 2.5.

    Features having upper and side air outlet, provides all above fresh air using UV Lamp and releasing Negative ions.
  • ★CLEANABLE HAPA AILTER - 3 Stage Filtration System: Pre-filter, TRUE HEPA Filter, & Activated Carbon Filter.

    Our poo only wants to be replaced once 6 months and cleaned every a number of week having clean brush or dried up out cotton cloth which will greatly extended it's service your life (Replacement poo will in stock soon).
  • ★PORTABLE DESKTOP AIR PURIFIER - Keeping it on setting 1 along with the time of the night (with LED clean ON/OFF),Minimal sounds on optimum setting.

    There's 5 ranges for choosing, having a min sounds of 32dB and max sounds of 56dB(A).
  • ★AUTO-OFF TIMER - Five different time for choosing ,as 05H,1H,2H,4H,8H.

    allow for men and women don't have to find up from chair/out of bed to convert off the machine,especially for elderly person or forgetful person.

Details :

★ The higher the CADR number, the much significantly more air it filters per minute for that particle size range.

Our CADR rated 140m3/hr, and can cover about 220sqft, doubling the effectiveness of maintaining of similar products.

✓Timer Fuction - Five different auto shutoff times of 30 Min,1H,2H,4H and 8H.

✓Air flow- Five amounts of air flow
✓Ions efficiency -
✓UV Lamp efficiency - kills germs, while the charcoal clean up captures odors.

✓Night light-blue night
✓Filters reset button efficiency - remind you to replace clean up

CADR 140m3/hr
tracks grade :min: < 25dB(A); Max:56 dB(A)
Dimension: 215x215x335(mm)/8.5x8.5x13.2 (inch)
Net weight 1.8 KG/ 4lb

1 x True hepa air purifier
1 x Hepa air clean up
1 x Manual

Doubling The Effectiveness Of clean-up Of Similar Products.

✓Timer Fuction - Five Different Auto Shutoff Times Of 30 Min,1H,2H,4H And 8H.

✓Air Flow- Five levels Of

Air Flow
✓Ions attribute -
✓UV Lamp attribute - Kills Germs, While The Charcoal filtering Captures Odors.

✓Night Light-blue Night
✓Filters Reset Button attribute - Remind You To Replace

CADR 140m3/hr
music stage :min: < 25dB(A); Max:56 DB(A)
Dimension: 215x215x335(mm)/8.5x8.5x13.2 (inch)
Net Weight 1.8 KG/ 4lb

1 X True Hepa Air Purifier
1 X Hepa Air filtering
1 X Manual