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Joyoung Soy Milk Maker New Model DJ13U-D988SG(Updated from DJ13M-D988SG) by signifies of Delay Timer, No Filter

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>>> Joyoung Soy Milk Maker Model DJ13U <<<

Joyoung Soy Milk Maker Model DJ13U

Feature :

  • This is the upgraded version of DJ13M-D988SG, by using Chinese & English panel, user instructions and recipe booklet.
  • No filtration is needed for it can largely grind the soybeans by using the excessive quickness car of 20000r/min.But it doesn't mean no residue.
  • You can set the time and temperature of the soymilk.

    Warm or hot, early or late, drinks will be ready in your effortless time.
  • With warm function, cooled drinks can be comfortably be warm again.

    You have no worry of wasting.
  • 304 food-grade stainless stee jug for your healthy cooking.One-year warranty.

    Please kindly communication us if you have any questions.

Details :

Features and functions

Joyoung soymilk maker model DJ13U-D988SG is fully automaticall spot kitchen appliance that can be used to get handle of different drinks, this includes grains, wet/dry beans,baby porridge,tofu pudding,fruit tea,cooked material,soup,juice,pudding and nuts drink.

By adding stir, warm characteristic and time & temperature presets, ,you will have no worry of how to or when to drink drink soy milk.

It is computer controlled.

And will automatically preheat, grind and cook on its own by using the push of a button.

Using DJ13U-D988SG, you could be consuming alcohol fresh, healthy soymilk in about 25 minutes( middle the fluids line, the fluids temperature 23℃, rated voltage 120V).

DJ13U-D988SG adopts the no-filtering technology, which could get handle of systematic grinding and enhanced nutrition release.

And " Boil it and tender heating for sweet" method will get handle of soymilk emulsification enhanced and effortless and easy to absorb.

Product information

Product model:DJ13U-D988SG 
Capacity: 900-1300ml 
reviews voltage: 120 V-60 Hz
Rated power: 1200 W
continuous-duty car power: 300 W
continuous-duty car speed: 20000 r/min
Suitable: 2-4 persons
Product size: 230x180x310(mm)
Net weight: 2.6 KG
Functions: Grains, wet/dry beans,baby porridge,tofu pudding,fruit tea,cooked material,soup,juice,pudding,stir,warm function,nuts drink and time & temperature presets 
reviews voltage: 120V-60Hz
What's included:Joyoung DJ13U-D988SG soy milk maker,measuring cup,cleaning cloth,brush,AC electricity cord,Chinese & English user manual,Chinese& English recipe booklet

Of How To Or When To Drink Drink Soy Milk.

It Is Computer Controlled.

And Will Automatically Preheat, Grind And Cook On Its Own at The Push Of A Button.

Using DJ13U-D988SG, You Could Be having Fresh, Healthy Soymilk In About 25 Minutes( Middle fluids Line, fluids Temperature 23℃, Rated Voltage 120V).

DJ13U-D988SG Adopts The No-filtering Technology, Which Could create Systematic
Grinding And enhanced Nutrition Release.

And " Boil It And soft Heating For Sweet" Method Will create Soymilk Emulsification enhanced And effortless and easy To Absorb.

Product Information

Product Model:DJ13U-D988SG 
Capacity: 900-1300ml 
input Voltage: 120 V-60 Hz
Rated Power: 1200 W
car Power: 300 W
car Speed: 20000 R/min
Suitable: 2-4
Product Size: 230x180x310(mm)
Net Weight: 2.6 KG
Functions: Grains, Wet/dry Beans,baby Porridge,tofu Pudding,fruit Tea,cooked Material,soup,juice,pudding,stir,warm Function,nuts Drink And Time & Temperature Presets 
input Voltage: 120V-60Hz
What's Included:Joyoung DJ13U-D988SG Soy Milk Maker,measuring Cup,cleaning Cloth,brush,AC electricity Cord,Chinese & English User Manual,Chinese& English Recipe Booklet