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Panasonic NB-G110P thumb Xpress Toaster Oven, Silver

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>>> Panasonic NB G110P whizz Xpress <<<

Panasonic NB G110P whizz Xpress

Warrantry :

1-year warranty

Feature :

  • "FlashXPress" strengthen Infrared brightness cooks up to 40-percent swifter than conventional toaster ovens
  • Smart toaster oven as a result of automatically calculating preparing time give fine benefits and dea in excess of the heating for array foods
  • Easy-to-use dea panel as a result of 6-menu illustrated presets for toast bread, pizza, frozen foods and easily reheat.

    capability Consumption : 1300 Watts, capability Supply : 120V AC, 60 Hz
  • Perfectly in size model as a result of modest footprint on countertop, front simply just removed whitening dish and of superior quality in your own home for easily to clean
  • color :Silver.

    Temperature setting-250°F - 500°F.

    Digital timer-Up to 25 minutes
  • A fantastic suit for pizza up to 9 inches in diameter or up to four slices of bread

Details :

Panasonic "FlashXpress" techniques Toaster Oven offering 1300Watt ambigu "Infrared Light" for preparing up to 40% significantly more rapidly than conventional toaster ovens, Instant good temperatures eliminates preheating, 6 preparing menus having illustrated preset buttons, Automatically calculates the preparing time for a number of foods: Bread (Toast, Waffles, Bagels), Frozen Food (Pizza, Hash Browns) and Reheat (Rolls, Breads, Leftovers), Digital Timer (up to 25 minutes and Temperature settings (250 Degree F to 500 Degree F), Square Shaped Inner receptacle which is remarkable for pizza up to 9" in diameter of 4 slices of bread, easily-removed Crumb receptacle for productive cleaning, Reminder Beep lets you discover when food is done, property simply just cellular lets you to view your food while cooking, Measures 10 1/4" (H) x 13" (W) x 12" (D), 7.5 lbs., White.

6 food preparation Menus along with Illustrated Preset Buttons, Automatically Calculates The food preparation Time For A number Of Foods: Bread (Toast, Waffles, Bagels), Frozen Food (Pizza, Hash Browns)
And Reheat (Rolls, Breads, Leftovers), Digital Timer (up To 25 Minutes And Temperature settings (250 Degree F To 500 Degree F), Square Shaped Inner dish Which Is perfect For Pizza
Up To 9" In Diameter Of 4 Slices Of Bread, totally removable Crumb dish For quick Cleaning, Reminder Beep Lets You understand When Food Is Done, home brightness allow You To View Your Food While Cooking, Measures 10 1/4" (H) X 13" (W) X 12" (D), 7.5 Lbs., White.